Sunday 26 June

Dear St Paul’s Parishioners,

I am delighted to let you know that Revd David Longe will be coming to St. Paul’s on Sunday to share his experience of life as the Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Chaplain.  David will speak in the service.  Sara and their 3 young children will be with him and Sara will be happy to give her perspective over coffee after the service.  We have been contributing a small amount to David’s post in Jerusalem through CMS.

I feel that we are very privileged that David is coming to St. Paul’s and so I am asking you not to miss this wonderful opportunity to hear about life in Jerusalem and to please make church this Sunday a priority so that we can all give him and his family a proper St. Paul’s welcome.  Thank you very much.

With love and my best wishes for the rest of the week,


Chaplin DavidDavid’s role focuses on supporting the Archbishop in his mission and ministry, in representing and accompanying the Archbishop throughout the Diocese, aiding the Archbishop’s work on peace and reconciliation, providing a link with the Anglican Communion, and when possible welcoming pilgrims and participating in the life and worship of St. George’s Cathedral.  David is also tasked to help the Living Stones (the indigenous Christians: Luke 19:40), who face tremendous pressure in the region.
St Paul's Opera 2016

Bernhard Crede

Character Profile – Sarastro 

I am Sarastro overseer of the temple of enlightenment.
Yet each person must find their own true self. The path to enlightenment is long and hard and many fail to achieve their true potential.

Only the pure of heart are able, I have great hope in Tamino but first he must undertake the trials. I wish I could give him greater protection but I fear that he will fail the trails of water and fire.
However, with the strength and support of Pamina I believe he has a good chance. but first she must find her own path to enlightenment.

When the father of Pamina and husband of the Queen of the Night entrusted me with the mighty force of the Shield of the Sun he gave me great power but also a heavy burden. I have sworn to use the power only for good. I know that the Queen covets the Shield but those with evil in their heart are not destined by the Gods to ever hold power.

The power of the Shield of the Sun gives me the strength to sing below the bass stave to counter the vicious campaign of coloratura misinformation from the Queen.


Barnaby Beer

Character Profile – The Speaker

I’m the Speaker, but I also sing (it’s opera, after all…) Sarastro’s right-hand man, I hand-out and oversee the trials that are set for anyone wanting to join our guild in the Temple of Wisdom. Many fail and are condemned to eternal damnation (my heart I bleeds for them…) And the problem? Well, I wouldn’t like to be as blunt as to blame the fairer sex, but you know…I’m just pretty blunt! Two men want to join our guild: a prince (is he really cut out for this?!) and some birdman idiot who personally I think should just be cast off and wander as a lost and wretched soul forever. However, I don’t get the final say. I’m not quite in that position of power, alas…or perhaps that just what I deserve, given my outlook on life!


Lizzie Begley, Leila Zanette, Helen Simpkiss

Character Profile – The 3 spirits: holiday reps; celestial tour guides; double agents?

Dear Sarastro,

It is with regret that we inform you that at the conclusion of our probation period, we have decided that we do not wish to continue our role at your seaside resort.

This is a decision that we have undertaken as we do not feel that the terms of our employment was properly described in the job description provided.

We were led to believe that this employment would entail guiding two pairs of lovers on their journey to eternal happiness. This is goal that we wholeheartedly support.

However, during this pursuit we had to stage an intervention between a sea monster and a prince; we have been ordered around by our line manager (the queen of the night) in a very high handed manner; we were forced to transport and deliver musical instruments and waitress which is quite frankly demeaning; then we had to intervene in two suicide attempts; and people keep calling us children!!!!

In our minds this is unacceptable as we acquitted ourselves with utmost professionalism and despite the many obstacles managed to guide the lovers through their trials.

For this reason we would hereby like to tender our formal resignation. We do not believe that this resort provides the kind of atmosphere we were expecting in a seaside resort (more like suicide resort!)

Thanks to us no lives were lost. We wish you and your business all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

The three spirits


Jennifer Begley

Character Profile – Pamina

Pamina, the object of both the noblest of desires and the basest of desires.

“By the time you read this, I will be far away.

Lord Sarastro, I’m willing to believe you are not a monster; but you have kidnapped me from the stronghold of my mother the Queen and confined me against my will here in your Temple, where I’m constantly subjected to the most odious attentions of your lecherous servant Monostatos.

Today was the first time I have seen a friendly face since my imprisonment. Admittedly he is a little strange– I’ve never met someone with quite so many feathers– but from him I have learnt there is a Prince who loves me and is searching for me. Although I have never seen this Prince’s face, he offers me the hope of love and freedom. It is in that hope that I am leaving this cell, closing the door behind me and stepping into the unknown. You tried to make me a prisoner, Sarastro, but I am a human being and I will be free.

I must go now, my prince is waiting…”


George Kounoupias

Character Profile – Monostatos

Ever since I can remember, I have served my master Sarastro with the utmost loyalty.. That is, until he brought home that delightful little angel Pamina. Something about her makes my stomach flutter and I feel that my heart will never be complete until I’ve had her..

Unfortunately a slave like me never gets what he wants. So I’ve made the decision that I’m going to do everything to make my happy ending – I’m going to have Pamina: whether by force or by making a deal to get her, she WILL love me and we will live happily ever after.

Now I just have to stop that Prince and his annoying sidekick birdman getting to her first.

Pamina – I’m coming for you my love.


Tricia Ninian

Character Profile – The Queen of the Night

A desperate mother, a free woman, a magnificent monarch, or simply a deranged diva?

“Men: pathetic! The lot of them! That wretched prince – so gullible. Ha! The late husband had no idea: he denied me my legitimate heirloom – the Shield of the Sun. It’s power that I need, not man’s indulgence or sympathy. And that goodie two-shoes daughter: gods hear me!!! I. WILL. HAVE. POWER…….”

It’s the ultimate coloratura role. Just two arias. But, boy what arias! Not bad for an evening’s work. I love it


Nick George

Character Profile – Papageno

Birds, birds, birds! They say ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ – well I’ve got three of them, giving me ear-ache just ‘cos I ran into some poncy flute-playing Prince who goes gaga over a portrait.. And they call me a bird brain! Anyhow that’s nothing once all the magic kicks off: boys, bells, monsters, a crazy queen and some ogre in a temple with his dodgy henchmen, ruffling everyone’s feathers… Well I’ve had it with the lot of them! First chance, I’m out of here..Yet what holds me back? Something tells me that if I cast my net one more time I’ll find the missing other half to my lonely life.. Well, enough of my chattering, must fly!


Marina Barker, Marie-Anne Hall and Aino Konkka:

Character Profile…..Introducing the Three Ladies:

 We are the personal assistants of the Queen of the Night. Our job description includes reporting on everything happening in her realm, liaising with her bird supplier – and sorting out any communication problems at that end – killing monsters who threaten handsome foreign princes, and even providing a match-making service for her daughter Pamina. We aren’t scared of dirtying our hands for the Queen – as long as she keeps shtum about our past society scandals…

Stephen Cviic

Character Profile – Tamino

 On holiday, or perhaps on the run, in a foreign land, Prince Tamino gets more than he bargained for: rescued from a monster by three lascivious ladies and then packed off with weirdo birdman Papageno to rescue the beautiful daughter of the Queen of the Night, with whom he has instantly fallen in love (the daughter, not the Queen that is). It should all be in a day’s work for a budding hero, except the villainous Sarastro turns out not to be quite such a villain after all. Or is he? It’s getting complicated and emotions are running high. Our hero tries to keep his poise and his cool. But perhaps it’s time to unwind with a bit of flute-playing…


All is well - William Shakespeare 2016 St Paul's SW$


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